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Michaela Chatterjee, MA, LMFT
Michaela graduated with honors from Argosy University in Los Angeles gaining her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology in 2010.  Prior to this, she earned a bachelors degree at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and participated in independent studies at the University of California Los Angeles focusing on cultural studies, dance/movement therapy, and healing practices. 
       Michaela has been helping children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum and Asperger's Disorders for over 8 years. During this time, she has worked hands on with individuals and the families of individuals with Pervasive Developmental Disabilities in the home, school, and community environments both as a behavior therapist (with the Institute of Applied Behavior Analysis and Intercare Therapy) and a school-based psychotherapist (with The Help Group Child and Family Center).  For this reason, she can not only assist her clients and their families by providing the tools needed to make progress, but also provide support and a strong foundation of knowledge to assist in coping with the difficult feelings and struggles brought about by this complex diagnosis.  
In addition, Michaela has over 12 years of experience counseling children and teens with learning, emotional and behavioral problems. By applying behavioral support and emotional exploration, she provides a safe environment for youth to expand their social and self awareness.  Michaela provides individual and family therapy utilizing a humanistic approach combined with Cognitive Behavioral techniques to assist clients in generating positive changes. 
One of Micheala's true passions is to assist others in finding a place of personal peace.  For more than 9 years, Michaela has advocated for spiritual awareness through groups including the International Association of Near Death Studies.  Being the survivor of a near-death experience herself, Michaela has an expansive understanding of the complicated emotions and obstacles in dealing with death, dying, loss, and the bereavement process.  Michaela can assist in processing your thoughts and feelings during these trying times, and invites investigation into the spiritual side of life.  She has been featured in several documentaries and interviews for CNN, A&E Biography Channel, Discovery Health, and National Geographic discussing her view of near-death experiences.
  Michaela was an active counselor at the San Fernando Valley Counseling Center in Northridge, CA from the summer of 2009 until her entrance into private practice in 2012.  Here, Michaela provided support and assistance to children, individuals, couples and families with a range of presenting problems including; anxiety, PTSD, depression, relationship issues, communication problems, life transitions, domestic violence, anger management, and more.  Michaela now works with the North Los Angeles County Regional Center and the Lanterman Regional Center to provide thorough evaluations, clinical counseling, and case management assistance to optimize quality of care.  She also continues to work in the private practice setting to assist clients and families in improving their quality of life and reaching their goals.  Her theoretical styles and intervention strategies include movement therapy, play therapy, Floortime, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Humanistic, and Family Systems approaches.   

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