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Spiritual Transformations:

There are many times in life when we can feel lost, alone, or confused about who we are and who we want to be.  By exploring our inner self, we can often find ways to expand our lives and find a sense of peace.  A therapist experienced in assisting clients with connecting to the spiritual self could possibly be the key to overcoming these types of hardships. 

Coping with Loss, Death & Dying:
Many suffer through a tremendous amount of loss in life.  Coping with the unexpected death of a loved one, watching a close friend or family member suffer through their last days, or planning how to spend the last precious days of your life can all be difficult.
In addition, other losses such as those of faith, employment, or identity can be equally challenging.  Working with a therapist who has come close to death and assisted others with the complex feelings that come up in these situations can be comforting during these complicated times.  

Bereavement & Support Groups Available...Please Call for Additional Information 
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